Flexible Daily Always Same Duration? Could be better!

It seems odd to me that the flexible daily always has to do the same watering duration… Why would it not shorten the duration to keep it in the range but not really put things into a situation to go over 100% based on the forecast? Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to not water to field capacity when/if it has data already showing that its predicted to go over field capacity in the following days?

Hey @Brett-

Thanks for the suggestion! Currently flex is designed this way because we like to encourage watering only when you hit the “bottom of your tank”, so it’s always the same amount. I do understand your point in this situation, however. In this scenario, would you prefer watering less on the sixteenth, or allowing your moisture level to dip slightly below the allowed depletion in order to wait for the rain?

McKynzee :rachio:

I’d water less on the 16th. The allowed depletion is a user set item and should be honored. If someone says don’t get below this its best not to go below it. However anywhere in between field capacity and allowed depletion should result in happy healthy plants. Thus on the 16th it could look at the forecast rain and add just enough to not go over the field capacity.

Because any time you go over the field capacity you’ve wasted water. If you’re wasting rain water (which I do here in Oregon often) so be it. But if I paid to put water in and then by virtue of that ended up wasting rain water technically I didn’t need to put down as much as I did.