Flex watering daily

Started using the Rachio this spring and I’m using a lot of water. Checkout this graph… All of my zones appear to look like this. So far in the last couple of weeks I’ve used 23k gallons of water.

Is this flex monthly or daily?

Also, what is your crop coefficient? Root depth.

If you look at that graph it is running everyday because the daily et will drop you below mad. Your zones are not configured correctly so we have to work that out first.
Can you post screens shot of the configuration and advanced settings for this zone?

Your mad seems really low or else your available water is really low.

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Thanks for the response. Looks like it is configured for daily flex. I set it up last year with the flex beta and it worked fine all last year. I didn’t change a thing.

I’ll post up details this weekend.


@InmatesRunThePlace @plainsane has nailed everything I would recommend. Quickly glancing, your ET is really high, hopefully you live someplace really hot, or need to pick another weather station. Your irrigation amount seems about half of normal, so something might be misconfigured with your zones. I’m sure with more information @plainsane can get you dialed in :wink:


Would love to have my setup reviewed as well. Am new to Rachio Gen 2. My first warm season. 7 zones. Completed initial setup with soil type, sprinkler head types, Bermudagrass root depth of 6 inches, zone slope types, etc. Using flex daily scheduling method. Is watering for approx 4 hrs each time in total and uses approx 2,400 gallons per session. Not quite sure what is normal or what to tweak?

Also, I selected the closest weather station that reports precipitation within 5 miles of my home GPS location.

Start a new thread just for you and we’ll be able to help you out a bit more efficiently.

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Thanks guys. I live in Denver and although it has been a bit warm it hasn’t been crazy hot.

Here is my configuration for the moisture map above. Basically all of my zones look like that. This is the weather station that I’m using.

There is an error on that page about the dewpoint reading, but not sure how it plays into the flex scheduling.

@InmatesRunThePlace Just at a glance, a allowed depletion of 23% (MAD) will have the schedule running more frequently with less duration. The typical MAD is 50%.

This might help explain some of the levers.


Your mad is way too low, set to 50-70