Flex watering created after time has passed

Today I noticed I had a flex watering time created after that time had passed. I have flex watering starting at 4am on anyday it chooses. Before about noon (including yesterday) I did not notice any watering scheduled for today. Just now a watering time has been created for 4am Thursday (its now 1pm Thursday). Under watering updates, I have no events to reflect that it did water at 4am. Is this an issue?

Briefly looked at your device updates, etc. and everything looks ok. If you go to the webapp (app.rach.io) --> zone details --> soil moisture your zones are not depleted, so flex won’t run yet. Also, looks like you are manually watering which is offsetting flex.

If you still have more questions, [support@rachio.com] can have a deeper look, but on the surface everything looks fine.


Before I contact support, have a look at the attached images. To the best of my knowledge the 4am July 9th watering was added to the schedule after 4am and it never watered at this time.

Yes my “supplemental” watering has been to run here and there for a few minutes to show off my system to the neighbors. Its shameful but with all the rain we’ve had it hasn’t need to run on its own.

The calendar itself is just a prediction, using forecasted data. One hour before the flex schedule runs we get the current forecast, look at the current soil moisture level, and decide if we need to water. If it is on the calendar, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a watering will take place.

The water drops can also be confusing, since they represent a watering, but not necessarily all of the zones. If zones are configured differently, they will have a completely different watering cadence.

The best way to see exactly what is happening is to look at the current soil moisture graph for zones, if you are curious.

Coming in the next day or so we will show the forecast on the graph. So this calendar view, will be displayed as a soil moisture graph to clear up any confusion, so you can see exactly why the system is making decisions.

In the next couple of weeks we plan on taking that graph and incorporating it into the mobile apps.


@franz here is an idea on the water drops…maybe show one for each zone being watered or a number inside the drop for number of zones?

I really like that idea, let me talk with our UX designer.


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