Flex Tour/Advanced Settings Orientation

There appears to be needed learning upon creating the first Flex Schedule as adjusting Advanced Zone Settings is almost always necessary for good results. Perhaps some guided tour and explanation each Advanced setting might be useful in helping to set expectations (e.g., it may take a while for lawns/plants to respond and you may need to make more adjustments) and increase the user’s knowledge? Perhaps BIG BLUE Help buttons by each setting that when tapped would explain exactly what it is and provide Rachio web links on how to determine a better setting? There ought to be some way to nicely suggest that bad settings (“garbage in”) can have bad results (“garbage out”) without insulting users. Beats me how that would be done :slight_smile: Also perhaps some kind of trouble shooting wizard for poorly performing lawns that would make helpful suggestions on what settings to adjust based on user observations (“feels like it isn’t watering enough”; “browning lawn”) and advanced settings.

Regardless, something needs to help educate users on Flex zone settings from the start and have users understand how it works. Such a thing needs to be easily accessed later on since I know lots of people (myself included) will tap out of things without reading.

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@Kubisuro Totally agree. That plus my machine learning schedules :wink: are things we need to push our product to the next level. @mckynzee @timber, @Kubisuro is willing to be a beta tester :smile: Product team is thinking about how to improve advanced scheduling for customers.