Flex set to water 2 minutes but soak for 1hr 28 minutes!

Tomorrow my flex daily schedule is set to water and I’m really confused.

I have 2 zones set on flex daily. My zone 4 faces west with “lots of sun” and my zone 6 faces south with “lots of sun”

Everything is set the same under settings, cool season grass, fixed spray heads, silty clay, etc. There is ONE difference, the slope. Zone 4 is flat and zone 6 is “moderate” Under advance everything is default.

The only difference I see is the soil moisture. Zone 4 has 5% moisture and zone 6 has 0%

Zone 4 is set to water for 2 minutes and zone 4 is set to water for 22 minutes. Total soak time is 1hr 28 minutes

Can’t figure out why there is such a difference.


Pictures of settings and moisture, etc

I wrote my post yesterday about zone 4 and zone 6.

Today I checked with zone 4 and zone just to see how much each watered, as zone 4 was only scheduled to water for 2 minutes.

Zone 4 didn’t water at all!

I do not understand this and this is very frustrating.

Both zone for 4&6 have exactly the same settings, grass, soil, sun, except the slope, zone 4 has flat and zone 6 has moderate and under the advanced settings they got the exact same default settings.

Zone 4 moisture was @ 5% yesterday, today Zone 4 is at 34%? How did the moisture go up 29% in one day with no rain, sprinklers or anything.

But how come zone 4 didn’t water at all when it’s now @ 34% moisture. It still should have watered shouldn’t it?

Also zone 6 watered for 22 minutes and soaked for 130 minutes?

Also, zone 6 watered, then soaked, then watered again with no time in between.

I thought the whole thing about soaking was to have time in between cycles to let the water soak in.

What is going on?

I was looking deeper into the Rachio settings for zone 4 and zone 6.

Under the flex daily schedule, they have different run times.

Zone 4 has a run time of 4 minutes and zone 6 has a run time of 21 minutes. That’s 25 minutes. However it shows 27 minutes for total watering time?

I don’t know. I don’t remember changing any times for watering when I set up flex daily.

You say all the zone settings are identical other than slope, but what about nozzle type and PR?

They are both set to fixed spray head as for PR I assume you mean precipitation rate? Isn’t that the nozzle inches per hour? If so, both are set at 1.5 in

Here’s the same pics as in my original post. If you look everything’s identical except the slope.


I’d deleted the schedule and start over. I think there is a chance some manual changes may have been made.

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Before your original reply, I did just that.

Now with the new schedule it has both set to water for 21 minutes each.

However it shows my next watering as Sunday and doesn’t have Zone 4 set to water at all, only zone 6 again.

It has zone 6 set to water for 21 minutes and soak for 1 hour

Can you take a screenshot of your moisture graph? In the zone, click on soil moisture, and click “more detail”.