Flex schedules not populating

Hi Everyone,

I just installed a 16 port Iro (replaced an 8 port that was running fine with flex schedules). I selected Flex schedules for all of the zones like normal but for some reason nothing is scheduled to run. Here is a screenshot:


It could be a variety of things, forecasted precipitation, crop type, existing irrigation events.

I would check out the webapp app.rach.io - - > Zone - - > soil moisture level which shows the graph of each Zone and why or why not something will run.

support@rachio.com can help explain why there is no upcoming watering events as well.

Hope that helps. Without details regarding weather or crop type it’s hard to give an accurate answer.


@bleomycin, here’s a support article that details how to find and use the Moisture Level graphs.

I’m curious, did your preferred weather station change? What device did you setup your schedules on? Mobile (iOS/Android) or web app?

Best, Emil