Flex schedules, community, future

I wanted to pass some information along to the community as you are a large part of what continues to allow us to do what we love to do.

  • There is a new flex schedule forum category where we’d like all flex related questions to go.

  • General information regarding the category can be found here.

  • We are looking for moderators to help maintain our growing forum community. We have tapped various members of our company but it would be great to augment from people that are actually using the product. I need to largely bow out from the forums and continue to move our technical strategy forward. Please PM me if you would like to contribute. I will knight you with moderator privileges.

We took a lot of time to reflect on our past release, and believe me we learned a lot. Water as needed (WAN) schedules started out full-featured and the best of breed with our scheduling models at hand. As sometimes happens, technical limitations steered us into delivering something that ultimately did not meet the needs of some of our current flex schedule user base. I truly believe that over time the WAN schedule type will be adopted by the majority of our user base, but the infrastructure to support the feature set we had hoped for will take time to build.

Our next software release will re-introduce flex schedules as an alternative option to what we delivered with our past release. If this has caused confusion, anger, angst, or any number of emotions that was never our intent. We will strive to connect more with current users and really understand what is working well, and what isn’t working well for them.

Our mission is still the same, using technology to help customers water efficiently.

We created a version of our webapp to build flex schedules (which will then show up in all of our 2.5 apps) if you had accidentally removed your flex schedule, or just wanted to try them out until our official next release.

:cheers: :colorado: