Flex schedule weirdness

I emailed this directly to support but I thought I would try here as well. I am a new Rachio user this year, and so far everything has mechanically been working fine, but I’m seeing some weird issues with scheduling.

I have all my zones setup, everything looks good in the App. I also chose a reliable weather station about 1.5 miles from my home.

I have a flex schedule setup to water odd days between 1am-4am… (per town law)

Since last watering about a week ago, Rachio has been pushing out the date to the next watering probably due to cooler weather, etc. This is fine, but the next date on the App stated it would not water until Aug 25th. (this was on August 22nd when I last checked it, yesterday).

In the evening on the 22nd we had really heavy rains, it rained for hours. Not sure on the total precipitation, but I’m sure it was an inch or more. (I will check it today).

The weird thing is, I woke up today on the 23rd to find out my Rachio had watered all zones per my flex schedule. This is baffling to me… why? Why would it move the date up from the 25th to the 23rd right after we had a heavy rainstorm??? Broken??? Makes no sense to me. This is exactly the kind of problem I was hoping to avoid by installing and using the Rachio.

What gives?

Can you post a photo of your moisture level graph for this period?

Hey @void64-

I’m also wondering if your weather station is reporting precipitation. Do you mind posting the link to your station, or even just the name?

McKynzee :rachio:

It does. I am using KALB and a WR2 rain sensor now since that stationis abotlut 7 miles from me. So far, so good.

That’s good that it’s reporting, but strange flex didn’t skip! Do you mind posting a screenshot of your moisture graph from this day like @ssindelman mentioned?

I believe we did look at this and the weather station that is 7 miles from me reported precip, but not enough to satisfy the Rachio, so it watered shortly after it rained. (As it was scheduled to do)

The rain and the watering were almost back to back, after a couple of hours and im not sure how “real time” the Rachio can get weather updates.

My local rainfall was slightly more than the KALB station was reporting. I decided to add a WR2 rain sensor to help curb this problem. If the weather station was closer, say 1-2mi, maybe it would be better.

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