Flex schedule update not updating calendar

First new post for me, so be gentle. :slight_smile:

Every time my flex schedule changes due to a system update, I’ve noticed that neither the “Watering Schedule” calendar or “My Yard” section identifying the zones and their last/next watering dates update. For instance, my system wasn’t scheduled to run today, but the flex schedule adjusted and so now it’s going to run a handful of zones. In the previously identified sections it still shows no watering for those zones until a future date even though they are now going to run tonight. This happens on the web and in the app.

The reason I’d like to see this is because I have a large number of zones and the list of zones that are going to run gets cut off due to what seems like a character limitation in the “Schedule Update” section as well as the alerts. Additionally, a simple bulleted list of zones whose schedule has changed would be nice.

Hopefully I didn’t miss this in the search I just ran looking for this topic. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Community @coozie23!

I want to make sure I understand your issue completely- are you not seeing the updated schedule information on the Calendar, the zone tiles, or both?

Both. Nothing updates until the following day.

@coozie23 Welcome to the community! Have you noticed that your issue persists with both the web app and the mobile app? This would help narrow down where the issue is coming from.

It happens in both the web and mobile apps.


Here’s a screenshot from the app showing the fact that the schedule updated today (6/30) and there are some zones that will run but it’s unclear which ones will run - there will definitely be more than the 3 shown, but there’s no way to see that until after they’ve run. Also, I’ve got pics of the tiles that show the dates when the zones are scheduled to run. They are exactly the same as they were before the daily update and won’t change until after the zone runs.

Hi @coozie23-

Are you located internationally perhaps? We occasional have some time zone issues with international issues.

McKynzee :rachio:

Nope - I live in Colorado.

I agree that the limited character count for the schedule updates pane can get problematic, especially if you have a lot of zones (or zones with long names) all on one schedule. This is a bone we will have to pick with the development team however.

One thing that may help (if you haven’t already) is to split your schedules up by vegetation type. This doesn’t particularly matter for flex like it does for other types of schedules, but it may help clear up the scheduling updates pane, as well as allow the system to keep better track of the zone updates pane as well.

Yeah I did that previously and it didn’t make a difference. I’m just hoping for a fix from the dev team at some point. Thanks for the response!