Flex Schedule Time Doesn't Match Custom Nozzle Rate

Hi there. Been enjoying the Rachio and app for over a year. Original Flex beta tester. Recently updated my nozzle with catch cans to be super accurate. Every data setting in the zone is correct. Perhaps my math is off?

Scheduled irrigation for the Front and Back Yard zones are set to water .55" per your chart with 45 minutes of total irrigation, excluding cycle soak time.

The front and back yard zones have exact similar settings. The nozzle puts out .90" of water per hour. Maybe my math is dated, but I get .90 (custom) / 60min = X" / 45min. I cross multiply .90 by 45 minutes and divide by 60 minutes to solve for X inches of actual irrigation. That leaves me with a reality of .675" of irrigation. Is this a padded in margin?

Wouldn’t that mess up the entire math in my Flex scheduling? I have a deeper rooted and minimal incline zone that expects .70" inches of rain per watering not included on these days. A bit concerned. The local weather station I am using is spot on for precipitation, checked with rain gauges.

Secondly we got .96" of rain on Sunday. I trust your system. As I said the weather station is verified correct. Does the depletion rate look OK?

@brilliant I’m guessing that you have an efficiency setting of ~80% ? I think your math works if you have a 100% efficiency, but with a drop in uniformity of coverage (efficiency), the system will need to run for longer to make sure you get to the target value of 0.55".

@azdavidr, Thanks! Yes! It hit me thats what my margin would be… Efficiency of 70%. Nice incline in these zones effects the water pressure in spots, even with it balanced.

The nice thing about Flex is that since I posted this 41 minutes ago, the schedule has updated itself and pushed back watering as I had expected with almost a full inch on Sunday and the forecast stable!