Flex Schedule Potential issues with Multiple Controller on Site

Continuing the discussion from URGENT: Need fix to multiple iro so they work as one system:

@benblackmer. A potential issue with multiple controllers on one site with 1 water supply(enough to only water 1 zone at a time) and Flex Scheduling and for that matter Fix Scheduling using Smart Watering, is not knowing the Max possible run time of a Flex Schedule from day to day.

Instead of having just a start time option, you may need to consider offering the ability to create Water Windows (Beginning and End Time slots). I know this can create a lot of other issues but believe once you weave through the process deciding how this would work, you will make multiple controller sites much easier to program from a customer’s perspective. Just saw this discussed in a different topic with similar request with different reasons.


Thanks @ETIrrigation. Really appreciate the feedback. I like the idea of Water Windows (nice marketing title there). I’ll have to ask the dev team how we’d actually implement this. I know it’s more complicated than it looks on the face of it.

Have a great day!