Flex Schedule not watering shrubs EVER

total newbie here… New to irrigation, new to rachio.
I moved into a house with an irrigation system. I upgraded it to the rachio 3. I’ve had it about 6 weeks now.

I have 6 zones setup using the standard auto configuration. 2 zones are lawn and the remaining 4 are shrubs. The shrub zones never get water using the flex schedule. I would like to get quite a bit more water on the shrub zones because they all have Japanese maples which require water. Can someone tell me how to trick the system to water the shrub zones more?


Post a screenshot of your settings here, both the basic zone settings and advanced.

Hi @Billardbb,

Welcome to the Rachio Family, we’re glad to have you here :slight_smile: . Flex Scheduling can require some fine-tuning of your Advanced Zone settings in order to find that watering sweet spot.

If your Shrubs require more frequent watering, I would suggest reducing your Allowed Depletion (AD) setting within your Advanced settings per Zone. The article I’ve linked above should provide detail on what each of these settings are and what they affect, but the short version is that the lower your AD, the more frequent watering you should experience.

I might recommend replacing your Flex Daily schedule for all but one of your Shrub Zones with a Fixed schedule so that you can directly control the watering for now, and leave one Shrub with a Flex Daily schedule and continue to monitor and fine-tune your Advanced Zone settings until you’re satisfied. At that time, you can move all of your Shrubs back over with the same settings for the most efficient automated schedule!

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Thanks for the tips! I’ve attached screenshots. The only difference I can see is root depth. I’ll adjust the AD as suggested and see what happens. I haven’t messed with any advanced settings yet.

I agree with @mitchell. We do our best default for shrubs root zone depth (15 in.) but this can vary greatly from plant to plant. At 15 inches we will water deep but infrequently. His suggestions are spot on.