Flex schedule madness

Ugh. We had historic flooding here in northern New Jersey from hurricane Ida’s remnants last week, and another round of rain on the way tomorrow with a flash flood watch already in effect. But somehow Rachio decided it needed to water my lawn for 106 minutes this morning. Really?

I was just noticing the last puddles of Ida’s water still hanging around the edges of my patio yesterday. How dry could the lawn have been? Unfortunately I slept through it and the schedule ran. Rachio normally works so well I just set it and forget it (as the old TV infomercials used to say), but this made no sense.

Normally, the moisture in the zone is capped at 110%, the rest is treated as a runoff / loss.
During the flood, the soil is supersaturated to a greater depth than the rain can ever accomplish, that is why everything may still be soaked when the controller thinks it’s time to water again.
Alas, Rachio currently doesn’t track flooding, as such it’s best to enable manual rain delay until things start drying up.


I agree with @Gene. Rachio caps soil moisture at 110%, which is probably fine for 99% of rain showers, but flooding is going to keep soil saturated longer than “normal”. This is just one of those instances where no smart device can account for EVERY situation IMHO…

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Unfortunately cleaning up after a storm like that, the last thing you have time to think about is reprogramming your sprinkler system. I expected the intelligence would take care of it. Noted for next time, though. Thanks.

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Honestly, I don’t think it takes that much rain to mess it up. Couple weeks ago we got about 1.0 inches of rain one day, and 1.4" the next day. My backyard was spongy-wet for 4 days, and Rachio had it down to 80%. I have my backyard Coeff set to 49% (Indiana partial sun, high cut grass).

I think the easiest solution would be for the app to notify you the night before its going to water.