Flex Schedule Issue


I wanted to see if there was any other user that was experiencing the same behavior with the “Flex Schedule” that I am seeing.
Just setup a new unit at my house and tried to use the “Flex Schedule”.
It seems to setup fine with all zones scheduled to water at sometimes in future. Then spontaneously, I’ll go back to the interface and see that some zones are reporting “not scheduled”.
Is this something I am doing wrong here?

The only problem I have experienced with the Flex Schedule is that My Yard and Watering History are not in Sync. But other than that its running like a champ.

If this is the first time that you are setting it up there are a lot of parameters that need to be in place in order to get it just right.
I would highly recommend that you take a little time and do a little reading or contact support cause everybody’s situation is a little different and it does take some tweaking to get it just right.
Good luck

I think I found my answer here…