Flex Schedule issue - running when not scheduled

So I got a notification this afternoon that my flex scheduled zone for the garden was going to run. I went to the app and checked the watering times and nothing was listed for today. I even pulled down to refresh. 9pm rolled around and the flex schedule kicked off. If I look at the watering schedule even now, nothing is listed for today.

It was supposed to rain today but no real measurable precip fell. So I am not sure if that messed things up. Either way it still shows tomorrow as a run day for the flex schedule. anybody ever seen this behavior?


Quick look at your device events shows a notification at 8:15pm MST showing flex schedule was going to run @ 9:00PM MST which it eventually did. If you go to the activity card under schedule updates it should show similar.

If you have any other detailed questions I would reach out to [support@rachio.com] and they can help review the activities that have occurred.


Thanks @franz

I understood that the calendar might vary as it is a flex schedule that can run any day. I guess the confusion lies in the fact that at 8pm a decision was made to water, but the calendar isn’t reflected. It just seems inconsistent. The real reason I care, is that I would like to validate/verify the run times before start. Running garden for 73 minutes with 3 cycles doesn’t really tell you how long water will actually flow. Sometimes I see these massive durations and they just scare me. It would be great to see the runtimes without the soak times or just make it clearer somehow. In this case the garden was only being watered for 15 minutes but I think 73 minutes in my head. Also instead of minutes maybe say 1hr 13mins. When you click into the calendar detail for the day it is very clear on runtime and soak time.

The run times on the flex schedule zones is the actual watering without soak times. In order to see the individual soak times, tap on a watering calendar day.

The only time we will do a partial watering is if the schedule has restrictions, and we want to top the zone off until we are allowed to water again.

Hope this helps.