Flex schedule is not running smart cycle

I have 8 zones with custom nozzle each. I have a Flex schedule. When it ran on Wednesday, it did run the duration with smart cycles (Basically time is sliced in each cycle). It ran today again for different set of zones. This time it didn’t use smart cycles. Basically everything is done in one cycle. It seemed to water each zone whole duration instead of slicing them. I have one zone with custom nozzle of bubbler type.

What is the trick to make it use smart cycle always?
I am afraid the water is overflowing to street if it waters whole duration in one stretch.


I tried looking for the article that explains about Flex and water cycles.
To make a long story story short the water cycle only supports three nozzles and Bubblers is not one of them. That I know for sure, Been down that same road and I know it can be frustrating. :scream:

JNotar is right. Bubbler, Drip, and Mister in a schedule will invalidate smart cycle, even though smart cycle appears in the schedule, and you can physically turn it on. It won’t work. This is a known bug. You must put those zones on a separate flex schedule. Check your current flex schedule, and remove zones with bubbler, drip, or mister.

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