Flex schedule history not showing up

My flex schedule history is not showing up in the Android app, I haven’t checked the web app yet. I found posts from last year with people having the same issue, and appears it has been fixed. It would be nice to be able to see my runtime history.

I’m seeing ny flex (and other watering) history under “watering Updates” in the Android app and under “Watering History” in the browser - they appear to be the same thing (a chronological listing of zones watered and duration) with different names ( which should be changed)

@anovinger The watering history in the mobile app is in a different area than the main screen. At the bottom of the app you will see four separate buttons, two on each side of the manual remote icon. If you click the second one on the left (it looks like a bullet point list), this should show you your watering history. If you login to the web app, the watering history will be on the main screen. Just scroll down a bit and you should find it no problem!

Ok, I am seeing the data there. Thank you @kpontis I could have sworn that the history used to show up on the calendar on the main screen in the app. That was where I was looking for it at.

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Happy to assist!

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