Flex schedule default values modified

We’ve spent a lot of time dialing in default values for flex schedules.

Tonight we set managed allowed depletion to 50% for every soil type and made some slight modifications to soil type available water capacity defaults.

What does this mean to you? Probably nothing at all, just wanted to get this information out.

If you had made modifications other than the default value, your data will not have been modified.

I don’t expect to update zone based default values again until we analyze how flex schedules are being used.


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Hi Franz
Can you tell me what Available Water (AW) values the Iro uses for the different soil types?


Sure thing.

Clay 0.15
Clay Loam 0.20
Loam 0.17
Loamy Sand 0.07
Sand 0.05
Sandy Loam 0.12
Silty Clay 0.16