Flex Schedule Change Application Amount BUG

I can’t get my flex schedule to recognize a change in amount to apply (more less pulldown). No matter what I do it changes back to my first setting. Could you please see if you can reproduce this?

For me, on iOS, after I make a change using the more/less pop-up, a “Save” button appears at the top right. If you don’t click that before leaving the screen, it won’t save the new settings.

@briansusername I pressed the save button.
Even the total runtime does not add up.

Its adding the seasonal adjustment time.
I asked them them if they could separate it out by zone but got no response. :tired_face
Check out this link: Actual Run Time for a Schedule

Will have @Dan check this out and fix if Webapp issue. Thanks!

Seasonal adjustments are not incorporated into flex schedules.


I noticed this too when trying to change my flex time more/less drop icon on the web app on my computer. When I brought up the App on my iPad, it saved the changes. Must be a bug on the web app?


Mine seemed to take on the web, but the changes weren’t reflected until I refreshed the page via the browser refresh button.

@briansusername That seems to work for me too.

@Dan Another issue I see is run times are different in the web version vs mobile app (Android). I changed the water level to the middle setting. On the web version run time is 95 minutes, mobile version shows run time as 59 minutes?

Hi @ronjonp
A fix for the refresh issue should be out in a coming release… I’ve asked @kevinro in support to look over your android/webapp issue…


Thanks for reaching out about these issues you are seeing. Would you be willing to provide the email address associated with your account? That way I can review everything.

Thanks again for your time.


@Dan Thanks!

@kevinro I’ve noticed another refresh issue. Please see below.
Start time shown on dashboard:

Actual start time in schedule:

F5 does not fix this one.

I see this too. I have to go through multiple save operations to get it all through and show properly. Bill