Flex schedule and Shower schedule

Hi and new to Rachio watering. I would like to give the flex schedule a real try but…

in my household the times between 6 am and 9am we have people trying to take showers and get ready for school and work. Unfortunately the humans take priority over the plants. There is not enough water pressure to go around.

How can I implement a no-sprinkler-watering time slot and have Flex/Dynamic comply and work around it?


tough one.

the only way to be certain would be to put your schedules on non conflicting days, maybe allow overlap on the weekeds ( i dont know if that works for you) and set the start time of each schedule to be far enough in advance to finish by 6 am.

or say f it in the a and just start watering by 6 am and pay for the extra water…not really sure.

a feature has been requested numerous times to set an end time on the schedule instead of a start time…that would be a prized feature for you foe show. hey @benblackmer chalk up another need.


Agreed that is a bit of a tough one. Like @plainsane mentions your best bet may be to have the start time early enough so that it ends by the time 6 am rolls around.

We don’t currently have an end time defined and it is definitely something that has been brought to our attention. I’ll be sure to bring this up to our product team for review.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


@plainsane, all chalked up. :smile:

I like it. We can now have fixed, flex, and shower schedules :wink: