Flex Monthly

I’m trying out the flex monthly schedule since it works with my watering restrictions. I noticed that it’s going to run for a long time. The first time it runs (March 10) is 3:47 am through 6:05 am. I see that the value are going to be open a long time before it cycles. For example, valve 1 is running for 17 minutes total: 3:47 am - 3:55 am (8 minutes) then again from 4:50 am - 4:58 am (8 minutes) and finally from 5:58 am - 5:59 am (1 minute).

Now my soil is really compacted, they call it engineered soil since before my house was built, they filled in the canyon my house was built on (70 feet deep). Because of this, water runs off really quickly so I’ve generally kept each cycle to no more then 4 minutes and an hour between cycles to allow for soaking. Because of this, I know that a lot of this watering will be wasted by running down the street.

How do I tell it the max to run before it cycles is 4 minutes per valve?

Hey @mattebury-

I would recommend using the new Manual Cycle and Soak feature! This allows you to configure the Cycle and Soak feature however you prefer.

McKynzee :rachio:

Didn’t know you could do that! I’ve set it to 4 minutes and 45 minutes