Flex Monthly wants to water "Xeriscape" 1hr/day? This seems broken, or I'm doing it wrong

Just set up the system. That part was easy and great. Went to set up schedules, and I do not understand the results at all. Using “Flex Monthly”, it wants to water my lawn for 45 mins every day? It wants to water my “xeriscape” for more than an hour… every day? It wants to water my “perennials” for almost two hours … every day? In California in February? Clear that is completely bonkers, but where is it going wrong? It’s not the biggest issue in the world for me to set a reasonable manual schedule and get some benefit from rain skip and whatnot, but that seems a little sad when this device was supposed to be so smart.

Are you sure it wants to water those zones every day? In the above screen shots I think Interval indicates potential watering days, not when it /will/ water (although I will admit the wording is confusing). Check your calendar to see when/how often watering will actually occur.

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