Flex Monthly set for 2 days but only runs on one

I have set my flex monthly schedule to run mondays and Thursdays but the calendar only shows it running on Monday’s. Very strange. Anyone experience this?

With Flex Monthly, when you select a day or days, you are telling Rachio that it is okay to water on those days, not that it must water on those days. With Flex Monthly, Rachio will automatically water when needed based on the zone settings, but only on those days you have selected. For example, I mow the yard on Saturday, so I have every day of the week selected except Saturday. My lawn will water as need based on the zone settings, but will not water on Saturday. Flex Monthly and Flex Daily are the same in regard to the day setting.

If you want to specify the exact days to water, you would need to use a Fixed Schedule, not a Flex Schedule.