Flex monthly and rain sensor, what to expect after it rains

Rachio 3 Firmware: hk-5-632
Rain sensor installed and functioning ( I get alerts from Rachio app when it rains and when it stops).
Rain skip set to 0.125.
Weather Data Source: Weather Network

I have 5 zones set to Monthly Flex and it just rained Sunday and Monday. Rachio notified me of rain and said something with regards to schedule being skipped or something (forgot the exact text).
On Monday afternoon rain stopped.
Monday evening Rachio started watering my 5 zones.

Should Rachio consider that it just rained and shift my schedule?
I assume so (because it should be smart, right?) but it does not.

What am I doing wrong?

PS: please let me know if I posted is the wrong category here.


Flex monthly is a hybrid of fixed and flex daily. Not as smart as flex daily, but more predictable.

It will not adjust the schedule based on rain (it will only skip scheduled waterings).

Flex daily will take all data into account and I call it the anti-schedule. It doesn’t run until it has to. I’d try putting a zone or two on it and doing a comparision.

Here is some more information on the flex daily schedule.


Thank you very much Franz.
I will put one of my zones on Flex daily and see.