Flex Monthly adjustments

Hi all, I am new here. Todd from Fort Collins, CO. I have had the Gen 3 for 11 days. My 2 lawn zones prior to installation received 400 gallons per week and looked good. With Rachio, they are getting 1977 gallons per week and have developed brown areas and lush, soggy green areas. My xeric drip section is now a swamp and dying. The vegetable drip section is drying out. Before Rachio the 2 drip zones received 210 gallons per week. With Rachio they get 591 gallons per week. Before Rachio I used 610 gallons per week and after it used 2568. Where do I start to get this to work?

@todd3 Welcome to the community! I had the engineering team do a quick review and it looks like you are using flex monthly for scheduling. First feedback would be to create a different schedule per zone type (e.g. grass, xeric, garden) since the zone type affects watering frequency, and when combined you are not using the optimal frequency (since we have to water all the zones together at the same frequency). Right now your entire schedule wants to run on the frequency of the zone with the lowest root zone depth (xeriscape).

If you were having good results before (and after creating new schedules) I’d adjust down your watering duration if that is still an issue. Flex monthly will still provide automatic monthly frequency adjustments and weather intelligence (skipping for rain, wind, temp, etc.)

At some point (maybe next season) I would try adding one of your grass zones to a flex daily schedule and see how that performs. If you like the results you can try adding the other grass zone and maybe other zone types.

Hope this helps, please let us know if you have further followup questions.