Flex graphs

The graphs for this zone look odd I don’t know if it’s the PWS or am missing something here.

The zone setting are
AWC 15
Root depth 6 in
Allow depletion 50%
Efficiency 70%
Crop coefficient 75
Nozzle 0.61

Can you click “More Detail” and re-post with the numeric data?

The same amount of precipitation (0.08") was recorded on 6/24 as ET for that day, so the graph stayed flat. The ET for whatever reason was quite a bit higher on the 25th than any other day, so the moisture graph dropped a bunch, which led to your irrigation putting down 0.33" and bringing the curve back up. Was it particularly hot on the 25th ?

The 25th I believe it was in the high 70s for some reason my graphs look really odd I just don’t know if it may have something to do my PWS.

It seems likely if that day was similar to others in the chart. You might want to check what kind of weather the PWS was reporting for that day as compared to others to see if it makes sense.

I just check on the PWS and the days before it was same things in the 60s mid 70s what I did noticed was that my PWS is not reporting wind gusts :dash: so I suspect that PWS that I am using is not being reliable to my Rachio

I was using a weather station from a close by airport for five years but that weather station is 5 miles away and then I switch to this PWS that it is much closer to home.

We don’t use PWS for deriving ET, only closest national station. PWS are used for precipitation data.


Has it always been that way? I have stayed away from using them because in our area homes are pretty tightly packed. I don’t see many being installed with enough height and distance from the structures to make temp. & wind readings accurate. So as long as a PWS seems to accurately & reliably record precipitation it’s a good source ?

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I may go back to my original weather station I know it’s 5 miles away but at least I know it’s reliable station I just started noticing that about my graphs behavior.

Yes. We tried deriving ET from PWS for a small amount of time and it didn’t go too well for various reasons. PWS is precip data only :smile:



Using PWS only for precipitation data sounds reasonable, but last time I checked the closest national weather station to me was in a completely different microclimate, on the San Francisco bay. I’m inland from there and much hotter. Is there a way to check which national weather station I’m using for ET?

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If you navigate to the weather intelligence screen and look at list of stations scroll down until you find the closest national station.