Flex Daily

Hi, I’m a new member and owner of Rachio 3, I set up all my 7 zones flex daily. Rachio has determined I need 23 min of runtime for all of them. Basically divided those 7 zones in few days during the week. My question, I see that 23 minutes is set as duration for all 7 zones, will this time change dynamically Later one?

Watering duration in Flex Daily is fixed. It is derived from the zone advanced settings (Available Water Capacity, Root Depth, Allowed Depletion, Precipitation Rate, Efficiency). Have you done a catch cup test to confirm the precipitation rates of your sprinkler? And did you go with the default settings, or have you tweaked the settings?

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I haven’t done the catch cup test, I’m using the default values. How can assure 23 min is the proper duration?

It is hard to tell if 23min is enough. If you have spray heads that are putting down 1.5in/hour, then 23 min will put a bit more than half an inch, which is a good amount. But estimates are just estimates, and the catch cup test is very easy to do. The actual numbers will depend on the layout of the sprinkler heads, the type of sprinkler heads, water pressure, etc…

I also recommend starting with 1 or 2 flex daily zones (front/back), getting the system dialed in over the period of a week or two, and then adding the other zones.


I have a doubt, i exchanged my Rachio 3 with a new one, all configs are the same, however now i see the flex daily scheduled all zones to run the same day, previous controller divided the 7 zones in different days (for example, Tuesday zone 1, 4, 5,6, Friday 2, 3 and 7) I should expect same schedule, why is different now? also the system has the next run on when is chance of 40% and .01 amount.