Flex daily zone prioritization?

Currently my flex daily schedule usually wants to water every zone on each event. I have it set to complete before sunrise. It looks like every time an event it runs, the zones run in order from 1-4. Is it possible to pick which order they run in? Say zone 1 is in a super shady spot and zone 4 is in a sunny spot. I would like it to water zone 4 first since it’s going to get hit by the sun first and have a longer time to soak, etc. Is this possible? Does it really matter, and I’m just over thinking it? Thx

This can simply be achieved you can change the watering order of your zones. Tap and hold the three lines icon besides each zone to move the zone up or down the list.

Sorry I’m not seeing where to do this. What screen are you on exactly?

Go to your schedule, and then Watering Durations

Here you go

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Ah fantastic. Thx!