Flex Daily Watering Too Early

Flex Daily is set on End Before Sunrise and it starts at 8:12pm every watering and doesn’t matter how long the duration is.
Can you send out a fix for this?
Thank you

How many zones do yo have and how long are they all set to run for if they where to all run? Are any drip vs sprinkler etc?

This is a known thing, it calculates when to start on the idea all zones will run for the full length, but then it only waters zones that need it. So it starts earlier than it needs to, and evidently this is a difficult thing to reprogram, so as of now, they haven’t. My personal workaround was two schedules. One for drip and one for sprinklers. Sprinklers set to end before sunrise and drip set to start after sunset. Been working great for me ever sense. Drip lines run so long that by removing them from the before sunrise fixed the majority of the issue for me.

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