Flex Daily Watering Time

Why does it say flex daily ran for 35 minutes when it ran for over an hour. All of my zones that soak do this. The times don’t add up. Is this part of soak cycling?

Also, if it ran for an hour and it thinks it watered 0.22” something is off. I’ve measured and get about 3” in an hour.

The total run time will include the cycle soak time. Where are you seeing the 1 hour run time?

@tmcgahey In the first picture it reads as if it soaked back to back for 30 minutes each.

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No, is shows 30 minute soak started, and a second that 30 minute soak ended. History always shows an entry for start AND stop of anything.

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@tmcgahey :man_facepalming: I see it now, thank you.

Any input on why it thinks 0.22” or irrigation was applied when in 20 minutes I measure closer to an inch?

Did it actually water for 20 minutes? I can only see two 3 minute watering’s on the particular screenshot.

What did you use to get the 3"? Did you do a catch cup test? 3" is a ton of water for a sprinkler nozzle. Not saying it isn’t possible, but…

I’m reading it as it ran:
3 min
30 min soak
3 min

Which matches the 35 minutes scheduled for the day.

I did do a cup test. There are quite a few fixed heads in a small area. It does seem like a lot but it’s what I measured consistently across the zone with 6 cups.

As you say, it ran for a total of 6 minutes, with a 30 minute soak time in between. You’re putting a LOT of water down in a short time with 3"/hour. And that math checks out too. 6 minutes gives you the 0.22" of water.

Why doesn’t it add the water applied during the soak cycle to the total irrigation? That’s my concern that’s a weeks worth of water at once. It’s going to be a fungus nightmare.

FYI, the math here would be:

Total inches watered at once = Soil Available Water x Root Depth x Allowed Depletion
= 0.15 x 3 x 0.5 = 0.225" (chart shows 0.22")

Tiime to run = Inches of water / Nozzle Inches per Hour = 0.225 / 3 = 0.075 hours = 4.50 minutes

Run time is multiplied by a factor, forget what it’s called, calculated using your Efficiency:

Factor = 1 / (0.4 + 0.6 x 0.7) = 1.2195

Total watering time = Minutes x Factor = 4.50 x 5.49 minutes, rounded up to 6 minutes


The comment was probably due to all my math. Sorry. I’m an engineer, and it leaks out of me. Just ignore it if you like. It just helps me understand the operation of the system.

@rraisley I’m an engineer as well so I enjoyed the numbers haha.

My confusion was that the soak cycle is letting the water soak in not applying more water. Everything is clear now and from you other posts I see I can adjust the crop coefficient to dial in water applied per week.

Thanks for the details, very helpful!

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There is no water applied to the lawn during the soak cycle because the purpose of the soak cycle is to give the water applied to soak into the soil.



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