Flex Daily Water Savings w/Rachio

A while back I figured out how to download historical water usage from my utility. Since then I’ve added my monthly water usage to a spreadsheet, with the intent of finding out if I had large leaks that I couldn’t otherwise detect. I decided to see how much I have saved with my Rachio Iro Gen2, which I installed in Feb. '16.

Here’s the plot. Most of my schedules have been on Flex Daily.

As far as I can tell from recent bills, I pay ~$2.10 per 1 unit (748 gallons). For the 29 months that I’ve had the unit, my average monthly usage in gallons was 11,200 (15 units), versus the previous average over ~5 years of 17,900 gallons (24 units). So I saved 9 units/mo * $2.10/unit * 29 months = $548. Thanks for a great product Rachio !



That’s awesome, we need to get you on the sales team!


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I’m way too nerdy for that. :slight_smile:

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