Flex daily update timing?

This is really a question for Rachio support but related to flex daily. I am wondering what triggers (or when it happens, if it is a daily event) recalculation of moisture levels and the next flex watering date for each zone? I am expecting that it happens daily when daily weather data is available and ET can be recalculated. Is this done after midnight UTC, midnight local time, or just an hour before the flex schedule start time?

I think it would be nice if moisture levels could also be updated automatically when zone attributes are changed, or a zone is added to a flex schedule (i.e. the user updates something that will affect the moisture level graph). Or have a recalc button to regenerate the graph (and supporting details) on demand, using the most recently collected data, if I want to see the impact of changes on early morning watering schedules if I am making changes the night before.

I asked a similar question but I was not able to obtain a totally coherent answer from Rachio support. However, according to this documentation changes are made “dynamically” when using a Flex Daily schedule. http://support.rachio.com/article/385-flex-schedule-tips

In my experience when I change zone parameters for a zone with Flex Daily the new watering schedule is recalculated immediately as documented. There is no delay. However I do have to refresh the Web UI in order to see the new results. The Web UI always refreshes if I log out and log back in. It also seems to refresh if I just reload the web page in my browser. I am not sure if page reload always works.

I don’t know when changes in the weather forecast are applied. Perhaps someone else can explain that.