Flex Daily soil moisture probe

I bought a $10 (shipped) soil moisture probe for front lawn. Curious to see how it tracks to our moisture graph. Flex daily watered today and this is current reading.


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Joking aside, I think we need this “moisture gauge” in the app

Sure would make things simpler.


Yeeehaaaa!!! Are you talking about a wireless moisture sensor to add in? That is a great idea.

I have water pressure meters that stay on a hosebib, record pressure for 24 hours and then connects back to the computer to transfer data.

A wireless soil probe could be stuck in the ground, hold the reading and then “sync” itself once it comes back into range of the system wifi.

I would recommend against one that stays in the ground all the time and has the full control over how the rest of the system operates. I have seen a leak in one system with a moisture sensor that kept the rest of the system from operating due to the detected moisture on a failed zone.

The rest of the system did not water and turned everything crispy brown…