Flex daily settings correct?

my actual configuration is:
Rachio 3 with flowmeter
My personal netatmo station (with rain and wind gauge)
Flex Daily Schedule
Cool Season Grass (I use Blue Country seed - Festuca arund 50% + Poa Pratensis 50%)
Soil Type: Clay
Available Water: 0.15
Root Depth: 18 cm
Allowed Depletion: 50%
Crop Coefficient: 80%

All the other setting like nozzle, exposure, slope… are setting correctly.

I’d like to know if the

  • Available Water
  • Allowed Depletion
  • Crop Coefficient
    Are setting correctly.

I’d like to inform you that Blue Country seeds are TWCA certificate.

Best regards

@Brulz On the surface those look reasonable. If you find out you need more duration adjust directly in the flex schedule. If you need more or less frequency I would adjust ±/ 5-10% the crop coefficient. A higher crop coefficient will water more frequently, lower crop coefficient will water less frequently. If you change the crop coefficient in the app and view the soil moisture graph it will show you an immediate two week simulation. I would start with one or two zones to see how flex daily works out for you.