Flex Daily schedule run times capped, no allowance for high ET


No, I haven’t found that to be the case when using the iOS app. The changes are reflected once I refresh/reload the schedule. It is not necessary to recreate the schedule.


Wow how annoying! So if I want it to water more, do I increase or decrease the allowed depletion? I thought going from 50 to 40 would be better. Apparently the directions are not clear now. Yet another time all my stuff is dieing when the weather changes and the “smart” controller can’t do its job. Honestly I never had problems like this with my dumb controller. It was simple to program and then just adjust the budget for the weather.


If you want to increase the watering frequency the easiest thing to do is adjust crop coefficient 5-10% up. I wouldn’t change allowed depletion. I always recommend using flex daily on one or two zones, get it dialed in, then apply to others if it is working out for you.

Adjusting duration is just editing the zone duration in the schedule. Hope this helps.

Here is some more useful information.



Thanks I’ll try that. I’ve read the articles as well but couldn’t glean what the easist way was.


The nice thing is that you can adjust crop coefficient, navigate to the moisture graph, and see the future watering simulation for the next two weeks change before your eyes :wink:



That’s cool! So you adjust allowed depletion or/and root depth to get more water/irrgation cycle.


I don’t really know what the moisture graph depicts so it is of little use. There are no numbers vertically. Is the bottom 0? Is the bottom ad lower percent? Is the top 100? Is it inches, precent, water time? Is it the same scale for every zone?


Martino is correct in his first post, the real issue is that the Moisture level tracking uses the allowed depletion level as zero moisture level, and does not track ET below this level. The moisture level should track ALL the moisture in the root zone - where zero is zero moisture in the root zone, and trigger irrigation when the level drops lower than the allowed depletion threshold. That way, even if the ET drops the moisture level below the allowed depletion, the next watering should always water to fully saturate the root zone (replace all lost moisture).

The only workaround is to increase the allowed depletion, so that the Rachio will track a larger amount of ET, and replace more of it at each watering.


Sorry, this should help explain the graph. If you have any followup questions please just let us know!