Flex Daily schedule is 20 to 30 mins per Zone! Waay too high


I live in Southern California. I set up rachio over the weekend. Generally love the product but now I am thrown off by the schedules.

I am very confused on the system setup. I did the setup and went to flex daily. I did do advanced zones and picked soil water inch/inch rate and adjusted Sq Footage. I have about 9 zones with lawn and trees.

Before I used to do about 3 to 6 mins/zone depending on the season. Now Rachio programming is setting up the schedule for nearly 20-30mins/zone. Wow thats a lot of water.

What do you all recommend?


Not sure what your old system used to be, but generally Rachio software tries to perform deep, infrequent watering in order to promote root growth and drought resistance. You can make reasonable adjustments to the watering times, more on this here (link), but I am curious how your new schedule compares with the old setup on the weekly / monthly basis. For example 20 minutes every 4 days may end up saving water overall, compared to 5 minutes daily, because any rainfall will stay in the soil for longer with deeper roots.


@vishnu80 Like @Gene mentioned, what was your watering frequency before (not minutes but days)?

Also noticed that your zones were setup with cool season grass which has a 6 inch root zone depth, meaning you will water more frequently (but less). Assuming you are a warm season grass which has a 9 inch root zone depth which will have you watering much less frequently (but longer durations).

At any time you can also adjust minutes if they are too high.

Your watering graph looks good, it will extend out a lot if you change the crop type to warm season grass. Let us know if you have followup questions.



Welcome aboard @vishnu80. I am also in Southern California.
Your system needs time to get used to what is going on.

My system has not run yet all month since it knows where my water levels are.

It will take time to get used to how your system operates and determines the right amount of water based on the information that you have put in.