Flex Daily Schedule, End by Sunrise starting/ending too soon

So I’ve set up a schedule to water all my zones with “Flex Daily” and set to “End by Sunrise”. I was up just after 1 am and heard the water in my pipes running. I checked in the morning and my Gen 2 had decided to start a 220 minute schedule at 12:42 am, completing at 4:22 am. Sunrise at my house today was at 5:26 am.

Why did the schedule start over an hour too soon? I’d have expected it to begin at 1:46 am, in order to finish at 5:26 am. If not, what is the “End by Sunrise” logic? I’m confused.

My controller started doing the same thing a week or two ago. It used to end just at sunrise but now it is starting and ending a couple hours early. Still on firmware 5-82 on. Gen 2 controller.

End by sunrise takes the total runtime of the schedule and backs it off of sunrise. If only 2 of 5 zones water that night, it still starts at the same time as if all 5 were running, but in turn finishes long before sunrise.

I am new to Rachio and just setup my first schedule. So if I understand correctly, if I have 8 zones in the schedule but the system chooses to run 4 of the 8 zones, the start time is backed off from sunrise as if it were going to run all 8 zones?

Correct. Although I do assume that might change with future updates from Rachio…

Here is the full saga.