Flex Daily schedule didn't run


The Flex Daily schedule I set up was supposed to run early this morning, but didn’t. There were no notifications sent out indicating that the schedule had started and completed, and I see that the minutes of water usage for the month hasn’t changed. But there were also no notifications that the schedule was being skipped for today (it’s not raining today, and hasn’t rained for several days).

When I look at the History, there’s a notification at the start time (4:05 AM):

“My Schedule Name” was not skipped because your weather station, KBUR, observed 0.00" of predicted and 0.00" of observed precipitation. 5 mph winds, 50 degrees temperature.

So I’m puzzled. If anyone can shed any light on this behavior, please pass along your comments. Thanks.



I have our engineering team reviewing for you, will provide more information in a bit.



@zinarr We have checked your flex daily schedule an hour before start time this morning and determined that observed evapotranspiration was lower than predicted. We have computed that moisture balance is still above 0 and moved the watering to the next day. In the images below you can see that the moisture balance on zone 4 for today is still at 8 percent and that forecasted evapotranspiration for today and tomorrow will put moisture level below zero tomorrow. Also looks like there was a large amount of precipitation reported on 03/02 and 03/03 which increased the moisture balance so that irrigation was not yet needed. The event in your history is misleading and we are going to remove those notifications for flex daily schedules.


Thanks for looking into it. I have no problem with the watering being deferred for the reason you mentioned, but I am puzzled as to why I didn’t receive any notification (ideally with the reason included). Anyway, I’ll hope tomorrow’s watering proceeds as scheduled.


The watering which was scheduled for today didn’t run - that makes two days in a row. Same (misleading) message in the History as last time:

MyScheduleName was not skipped because your weather station, KBUR, observed 0.00" of predicted and 0.00" observed precipitation. 3 mph winds, 54 degrees temp.

Not sure how you gain access to the charts and graphs which show the precipitation rate, moisture balance, and evapotranspiration numbers. Perhaps the schedule didn’t run for the same reason as yesterday - there are no messages sent which explain why.


Just curious, when did you update to 3.0? I had this exact same issue the 2 days following the day I performed the update. Each day post-update it kept saying it was going to water the next day, and the history reported that watering was not going to be skipped, but it never watered. It eventually watered on the 3rd day post-update.


I’m not sure how to determine the version number (which I assume refers to the smart phone app, not the firmware on the controller). I scrolled through the history feed, which goes back to mid-January (when the system was installed), and I don’t see any mention of any updates. My smart phone is set to auto-update all apps, so it should have picked up any newer version. Thanks …



The engineering team is reviewing this and think we found a potential issue with multiple zones in a flex daily schedule, some that are not going to water the next day (significant moisture levels), and some that are right at the edge of zero moisture, and in an “endby time” schedule. We will have a fix out for this today. Thanks for your patience and bringing this to our attention! Definitely an edge case we have not experienced yet. :wink:



OK - thanks. It may have to wait a few days to see if a fix is working, since there’s a 90% chance of rain in the Los Angeles area on Saturday, and I would expect this to cause a rain skip tomorrow (Friday).



Congratulations on the impending rain, I know it’s been awhile in LA :wink:



Go into a particular zone and click on moisture content. That will show all the info as to why it might not need to water that zone when the schedule runs. I’m in Pasadena and the rain also has deferred the schedules. Keep in mind that the weather station you configure will radically affect the calculated moisture content. I found a reliable pws just a couple miles away that better reflects my rain fall than a public one 15 miles away.