Flex daily or flex monthly which to use?

i apologize if this has been answered. I’ve searched and cannot find it.
I’m not sure which to use, flex daily or flex monthly schedule. How do I know?

It just personal preference and what desire water savings you with to achieve. Both will save you water over a basic irrigation clock, but the Flex Daily will help you maximize those savings. It is something you will have to play around with and see which option give you the right balance between water savings and a green yard.

Do you have watering restrictions? If so, then Flex Daily would be your choice.

Even if you don’t, Flex Daily is the most responsive to the changes in weather. There are quite a few users on the forum who are pretty much in love with Flex Daily (and I’m one of them).

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Thank you. I’ll go to the flex daily.

Check out the flex daily sub-forum. You’ll pick up on little tid bits here and there.