Flex daily not showing weather intelligence skips

Greetings. New to the community. I installed a Rachio 3 about a month ago and have been amazed since then. I am enjoying how the system does all of the “thinking”. Based on posts I have read on this forum, I set up my 4 zones to Flex Daily as I wanted more up to date real time schedule.
As a newbie I check the app a few times a week just to see how this algorithm works. I do notice that the schedule changes depending on amount of rain either expected or occurred.
This is awesome but I am noticing that my home page shows “0 Weather Intelligence Skips”. Clearly the Flex Daily schedule is very dynamic in response to the weather so why does it not show any skips, particularly since it has skipped / rescheduled days?

Thanks and nice to be on board.

Since Flex Daily is a constantly evolving, fluid schedule, it doesn’t really “skip” a watering in a traditional sense. It just readjusts. True skips are only shown with fixed schedules.


Thanks @tmcgahey!

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I call flex daily the anti-schedule, it doesn’t run until it needs to. This makes it difficult to track actual “savings” in a traditional sense. We are working on other solutions to provide this information.

Rest assured even though you don’t see “savings”, it can save up to 60% over traditional schedules.

We are also working on new products that will drive these efficiencies even further. Stay tuned!



Thank you for the educational and prompt replies. Points taken.