Flex Daily NOT Recording Irrigation with disconnected wireless flow meter

Once the weather warmed up and Rachio started watering again, I noticed it was watering excessively.
After many hours I have figured out that it is not recordeing any data for irrigation. It always stays at 0. This causes it to water everyday. If you fill it, It works its way down from 100% to 50% then flatlines. Then it will start watering everyday but never fill.
I’m baffled as it was working fine for years.
Also the flowmeter dropped the wifi and it will not connect.

@Cabojunkie The team just identified that issue with the WFM and recording flex watering when the WFM is disconnected. It is in our defect backlog. Couple workarounds. If you power cycle your controller the WFM should re-pair. There was a firmware issue that has since been corrected. If you remove the WFM from your account the flex daily recordings will behave as normal.

Thank you for reporting. Have a great day!