Flex Daily Inaccurate Water Savings

I’ve had my Racchio 3 for a little while now, and I think it’s silly that it says that I’ve saved no water. It says that it has not skipped a single watering due to weather - which is true; but only because it looks at the weather and plans watering accordingly…it hasn’t “skipped” any due to rain, because it doesn’t even schedule it to run if it’s going to rain. Under this logic, it will NEVER skip according to weather. However, it has been saving water, because it would have ran every day last week, but due to rain, it only planned on watering 3 days.

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Yea, Flex Daily doesn’t exactly calculate that out very well!

It’d be great if I could put in something like how much time I’d run each zone each week if it was a normal controller, and then it could calculate savings based on that.

Yeah we’ve debated different ways to show flex daily savings. It is unfortunate that we don’t display those. It’s our anti-schedule (doesn’t run until it has to) so isn’t as easy as just summing up the number of weather intelligence skips we have for it. Hopefully someday we will start to measure flex daily savings and give users some measurable and meaningful amounts.