Flex Daily Even Days Scheduled on Odd

I just installed my first Rachio Gen 2 this morning. Super easy setup!

After configuring my zones I set up my schedule to run a Flex Daily plan on Even Days only. To my surprise, when I go into my schedule all watering days are set up as odd days. I have removed this schedule a few times already and have the same result.

When I set up a Flex Monthly plan using Even days it seems to set up the schedule correctly.

What do I need to do to fix this problem?

If you tap on the calendar day on the schedule it’ll show you how it is going to water that day and maybe the next day. Sometimes the zones might spill over into the previous day if using cycle and soak or there are lots of zones in a schedule that waters before sunrise. You may consider putting fewer zones into more schedules or using the run-by setting instead of by sunrise for a later time to stop watering. You can also try turning off cycle and soak - but be sure to check if runoff occurs if you do.Flex Monthly is pretty dang capable and is often the best option for those that haven’t got fully into advanced zone settings yet. Seeing the schedules planned through a month gives a lot of comfort to users.