Flex-Daily End Time Help

I’ve noticed that when having my schedule set up as flex-daily with an end-time of 5:30 AM that works fine when all my 8 zones run at once, but as you know sometimes the scheduling might only run 1 or 2 zones at a time. When that happens the stupid thing starts at like 10:30 PM and ends at like 12:30 AM. I’m guessing there’s no way around this? I wish the algorithm would start from the end-time and calculate backwards as I’d like my schedule to end at 5:30 AM regardless of how many zones are being ran.

Been a know “issue” for a long time (more so the end by sunrise). There are a ton of expert programmers in the community that say it should be an easy fix, but I’m sure if it truly was, @franz and the team would have done it by now. There has to be something in the programing that is making it more difficult that people think it should be.

Could be difficult, but would think it shouldn’t be too bad for the ones that wrote the algorithm. Not sure if what I want is what most want or not, but I can assure you I don’t my watering to stop in the middle of the night and have the grass sit wet all that time. Or maybe I’m picky because I’m a web developer lol.

Couldn’t tell you. I know nothing about programing…I can build a basic ass webpage with a WYSIWYG tool, but that’s the extent of my ability.

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I am very deep into programming. Sometimes what seems like an easy fix is not always so.

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As a developer I don’t disagree with that at all. I guess in my eyes it should of been designed differently from the start.

I was just going to create a new thread about this… The only thing keeping me from Flex Daily is that I don’t want to end watering at 1am if I’m scheduled to complete at sunrise.

I wonder if the other controllers are the same way or not? I really dislike this because the best time to end watering is around sunrise or a little after as I don’t want water sitting on my lawn hence why IMO a stop-time should be just that…when the watering stops.