Flex Daily End By Sunrise starts too early

I tried to set all my zones under one flex daily to end by sunrise. It however appears that it’s doing the scheduling based on everything running on the same day for the worst possible timing but always starts at the same time. Eg even though on one day it’ll only water for 3 hours it’ll still start at 9pm and finish by midnight rather than start at 4am and finish by 7am. Is there a way around this?

That’s the way it is “designed” to work at this point. Not really a way around it at the moment.

Thanks, I’ll just split my plants from grass then that have excessive watering times to at least get this closer

I’d recommend that for sure regardless of the “end by sunrise” issue. It isn’t a big deal for drip to run in the middle of the day. Assuming cutting that out will significantly shorten the total run time for grass zones, helping out your early start times.

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