Flex Daily Drip & Sprinkler Schedule Help

Hello! Newer Rachio user and I would love some help to make sure I have got this right. I’m in Charlotte, NC and I think I have things set up right but am not certain.

  1. Can a drip and sprinkler be on the same flex daily schedule or should I separate them into 2 schedules? I have them in 2 now, but it made me pick two different times, and so I have one ending before sunrise (sprinkler), and one starting after sunset (drip) but I don’t know if it is okay to get the plants feet wet and keep them wet overnight like that?

  2. Does anyone have advice on if the info below is accurate for my advanced settings? I think so based on my google research…

Drip for shrubs and trees
available water .12
root depth 15 inches (most of the plants & trees have been there for 10 years)
allowed depletion 50%
crop coefficient 50%

Sprinklers for bermuda grass
available water .12
root depth 5 inches
allowed depletion 50%
crop coefficient 60%

Thank you so much for the help!!

Your drip and sprinklers should be on different schedules, because your drip will put down much less water than your sprinklers for any given run time.

I think it’s generally best to water early morning, to prevent fungus that could result from wetness during the night hours. As far as when to run the schedules, I have my grass zone/sprinklers set to start after 7:00 am, and my drip to start after 7:01 am. With those times, if both zones are watering on the same day, the grass zone will always water before the drip.

Hopefully someone familiar with North Carolina will respond to your question about zone settings.

Thank you! That is great advice for the timings. I have adjusted so the drip starts in the morning. So it will still know to run the second program later, even if the first program hasn’t completed by the start time that is scheduled to begin for the second. That is great! I was afraid it would not run since it missed the drip start time if it was still running the sprinklers.