Flex Daily: Calendar View & Forecast?

Ok so I am new to Rachio. I am trying to figure out what it’s telling me when I look at a schedule.
When I look at the soil moisture graph in the future, it shows on the 20th my soil moisture is way down (16%). However, the calendar does not show that zone scheduled to water.

Does the calendar adjust to the forecast? Because the 20th does have a forecast of 40% rain 0.20”?

Also, will flex daily adjust for later in the year. For example, when it’s late Oct will it water less (either duration or frequency) since it’s cooler, etc?


The system will only show watering on the calendar when moisture levels reach zero or below for the day.

It actually adjusts daily based on real time weather.


Thank you for the reply!

So “moisture levels reach zero”. What exactly is that referring to? The soil moisture level, it has to go all the way to 0% to show watering? Not the 50% threshold?

Also, it adjust daily based on the weather. So that means that it is adjusting to a higher evaporation rate when it’s 100f and sunny, then a lower evaporation when it’s 60f and cloudy?

Thanks again! Just trying to get this awesome system down.

What are moisture levels? (Flexible Daily Schedules)

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And there is the light bulb moment.

For some reason I never clued in,the moisture level graph, that the bottom of the graph is 50% MAD. I just assumed the graph went from 0%-110%, even though spelled out in nice red letters it’s telling me.

Thanks again for the help!