Flex compare to Rainbird?


I’m still trying to get my head around flex scheduling - it seems completely different to Rainbird’s approach (adjust a schedule you set based on forecast). Seems like Rachio handles everything from which days and how much water?

Can someone summarize / correct me please?

Also, how much water does Rachio plan to deliver and is that configurable? Eg 1” per week? 2” per week? Does it vary based on season? Thanks!

Anyone have any thoughts please?

You just open up the schedule that you are allowed to water. It creates a schedule allowing a full fill. Then each time a zone is scheduled, it evaluates whether it can skip to the next scheduled time without an over depletion.

How much water is delivered depends on the crop and soil capacity.

Thanks - that’s what I have been gathering.

Does anyone know how it calculates how much water a zone should contain?

There’s a LOT of settings about your zones. Soil types water depletion allowed root depth and more. There’s a guide an about it that will explain in detail How to set it up and tweak it.

Impossible to really say since there are so many factors that will change that, which would be specific to your yard…

The key to a functioning Flex Daily setup is getting your zone settings dialed in. Defaults just don’t quite get close enough IMHO, but once you dial it in, the system works really well.

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