Flex can't handle Arizona weather


Flex is limited to irrigate only once per day, so I guess I’ll have to supplement manually on Saturday. I might as well rip the thing off of my wall and put in my old school controller.

I really wish that the system would deal better with this kind of situation that is common in @Arizona.



I don’t think you’ll have to worry after Saturday. 1011 degrees will probably get you too! :rofl:



I’m glad I don’t live in the same area of the Valley as you, @azdavidr.
You’ll be fine–it is a dry heat.


ABC15 predicting the rapture on Saturday? That’s a hell of a temp swing on though! :upside_down_face:


It’s all about a good root structure to withstand these temps. Try watering down to a 5 mile depth


Tomorrow is the day guys! Get your fire suits on!


It’s on the UPS truck. Out for delivery.