Flex and floods

So I just noticed the flex schedule and the moisture level stuff by zone. Looks very interesting in ‘normal’ conditions. We have had a stunning large amount of rain even by local standards (12+ inches since Aug 1st alone). If we get more than 1.5 inches we have street flooding now and ponding in the lawn in low spots and flower beds in a few other places. The water table is most accurately measured in inches below the soil at this writing is less than 1 inch, but was 10 inches after 3 days of no rain… I can actually measure where the Verizon cover plates are as they floated away last week. (So much for not actually being in a flood zone. :slight_smile:

So how does Flex scheduling handle this when the ground is super wet and the water table is very high?

My system has not had to run in 28 days. I doubt it will need to run for another two weeks even if we get no more rain.
I know I can pause it, but I am curious about how Flex handles the moonson season. :smile:

p.s. I am using a PWS and it is mine so I am fairly certain of its accuracy its a high quality unit and if there is some glitch I manually update rainfall etc,.

The best we can do (are doing) is allow for a saturation allowance. The current algorithm will allow us to go up to 50% above the normal field capacity.

Well, we hadn’t really planned on monsoon season :wink: If the above is not enough as far as a saturation allowance, you can always disable the flex schedule, or using the soil moisture graph fill the tank if you believe that the soil is still saturated.

Hope this helps.